W07 4G Portable Tracker in hand

The W07 4G Portable GPS Tracker – Meticulously designed as an asset GPS tracker, this device stands out due to its versatility which caters to the unique requirements of diverse global markets.

But the W07 isn’t merely another tracking device in a saturated market. It embodies the culmination of Skywonder’s dedication to precision, reliability, and user-focused functionality. W07 can query the location of the vehicle through the platform, and can also send you a notification via SMS or client. It supports speeding alarms, fence alarms, and many other functions, suitable for long-distance freight and personal special purposes.


Here’s what makes it an unparalleled beacon of trust in the realm of real-time asset monitoring:

4G Connectivity with 2G Backup: Keeping pace with the latest in communication technology, our portable GPS tracker comes equipped with 4G capabilities. And to ensure consistent tracking even in areas where 4G might be spotty, we’ve got 2G as a reliable backup.

Diverse Battery Options: Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, the W07 comes with multiple battery sizes to cater to varying needs. Choose from 1200mAh for light usage to a powerful 6000mAh for extended monitoring.

Magnetic Magic: The allure of our Magnetic GPS tracker lies in its strong magnet, ensuring it stays put whether you’re traversing rugged terrains in Tanzania or the bustling streets of Brazil.

Microphone Integration: With an in-built microphone, listen in when necessary, providing an added layer of safety and surveillance.

SOS Button: Emergencies are unpredictable. With our SOS button, help is just a click away, making it a true asset for those on-the-move or in remote areas.

Universal Compatibility: Whether you’re accustomed to platforms like Wialon, Navixy, or Geotab, our 4G portable gps tracker seamlessly integrates, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.


Geo-fence alarm: Set fence alarms with SMS commands to provide a safety net for your vehicle or other assets.

Overspeed alarm: When the speed of the vehicle exceeds the Overspeed speed value set by the platform, the Overspeed alarm is triggered, and the device will send an alarm signal to the GPS monitoring platform.

Vibration alarm: After the device enters the armed mode, the device detects the vehicle vibration, triggers the vibration alarm, and sends an alarm signal to the GPS monitoring platform.

For those in search of an advanced, reliable, and truly global Magnetic GPS tracker, Skywonder’s W07 Portable GPS Tracker is the answer. Whether you’re in Uganda or the USA, trust in Skywonder to keep your assets monitored and safe.

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