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In 2011, Skywonder Technology planted a seed with a simple yet powerful mission: to deliver top-notch IoT hardware and software to people everywhere, regardless of their industry. With a vision that was crystal clear and bursting with innovative ideas, we rolled up our sleeves and began crafting a range of products. Our spotlight has always been on our mainstays: vehicle GPS trackers and asset trackers, meticulously designed to satisfy our customers’ diverse needs. Fast forward to today, and it’s thanks to our relentless dedication and the superior quality of our hardware that we can stand tall and proudly declare ourselves as one of the leading GPS Tracker Companies in the world.

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In the year of 2011, A circle of tech enthusiasts united under a common banner: Skywonder Technology Co Ltd. These visionaries, with an unshakeable belief in the power of technology, had a heartfelt wish to touch lives globally. Their aim, simple yet profound, was to establish one of the leading GPS Tracker companies that would create state-of-the-art IoT devices and GPS trackers. They wanted to empower individuals to stay linked, aware, and secure.

The Journey

From the outset, our team at Skywonder has been fueled by an unshakeable resolve and a steadfast dedication to brilliance. As one of the burgeoning GPS Tracker companies, we immersed ourselves in every product we crafted, constantly challenging our own limits to innovate and enhance. Even as we grew exponentially, we never lost sight of our founding virtues: integrity, innovation, and a deeply ingrained ethos of societal care.

Of course, the path wasn’t always smooth. We navigated a sea of challenges— intricate tech glitches, logistical snarls, and fierce competition from other GPS Tracker companies. There were moments when surrender seemed like the only option when the future looked excessively daunting. But, in those testing times, we revisited our roots, our reason for embarking on this mission: to seed positivity in the world.

That profound sense of mission acted as our beacon during our darkest hours. We were awake to the significance of our work; we understood that each IoT device and GPS tracker we crafted held the potential to uplift someone’s life, however small the scale might be. This awareness was our fuel, instilling in us the resilience and tenacity to persist, to continue innovating, and to keep being a beacon of positive change among GPS Tracker companies.

Connection with our roots

Fast forward to today, Skywonder Technology Co Ltd stands as a global symbol, celebrated for its excellence and trailblazing spirit, and is recognized as one of the premier GPS Tracker companies in the world. Yet, regardless of our leaps and bounds, our beginnings are never out of sight or heart. We are eternally devoted to our inaugural vision: harnessing technology to imprint a positive mark on the globe, continuously aspiring to enhance, contribute more, and be a transformative force in people’s lives.

The Purpose

At Skywonder Technology Co Ltd, we see technology as more than a mere tool—it’s a catalyst for benevolence. This conviction, this fervor, and this deep-rooted purpose are what propels us daily as we strive to set the standards for GPS Tracker companies globally. They are the wind beneath our wings as we persist in crafting cutting-edge IoT devices and GPS trackers that equip individuals to remain interconnected, enlightened, and safeguarded.


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Believe In Your Success And Satisfaction

As one of the premier GPS Tracker companies in Shenzhen, we deeply comprehend the essence of GPS Trackers in the realm of fleet management and telematics businesses. We craft solutions that are designed to empower your success and ensure your absolute satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering; we continuously set lofty standards and stretch our boundaries to meet them, ensuring our customers never leave our realm dissatisfied.

A GPS Tracker Company That Works For You

Our team is an ensemble of brilliant minds, adept at navigating the intricate, ever-evolving tapestry of time and technology. We tune into your unique challenges, whether personal or business, and conjure the finest solutions to address them. At our core, we’re driven by creativity, passion, and innovation — these are not just words but our roadmap to success. For us, customer satisfaction isn’t just a goal; it’s our compass, making us stand out among GPS Tracker companies.

Bringing You the Best

Our portfolio isn’t confined to a limited offering; we boast an extensive suite of advanced solutions tailored to your diverse needs. From Bike Trackers and Truck Trackers to OBD Trackers and Car Charger Trackers, we present an array of options, models, and configurations, each designed to serve a distinct purpose.

Why Choose Us?

  • Prompt delivery isn’t a perk; it’s a promise.
  • Customer support that doesn’t clock out – we’re here for you, round the clock.
  • An extensive range of comprehensive and bespoke solutions, designed just for you.
  • Your trusted Vehicle Tracker Trader and Wholesaler.
  • Reasonable and reliable solutions – quality without compromise.
  • Our name is synonymous with dependable quality.

Our Expertise

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Personal Tracking
  • Pet Tracking
  • Fleet Management Platform


Quality Products

Being quality driven gps trackers manufacturer factory and supplier, we keep our focus on quality assurance, continuous innovation and product customization services

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Software & Easy To Use

Smart and simple – this is what our users say about our real time tracking software, a stable, easy to use GPS Tracking platform.

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Service & Support

We adhere to the principle of customer first, and we must give perfect answers within 30 minutes for customers’ questions.

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