As a GPS trackers manufacturer and supplier driven by quality, our focus never wavers from three core pillars: steadfast quality assurance, ceaseless innovation, and tailored product customization services.
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Our users often describe our real-time tracking software with two words: "smart and simple." They love how stable it is, and they're always amazed at how easy our GPS monitoring system is to use. It's not just about tracking; it's about making the whole process smooth and intuitive.
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We adhere to the principle of customer first, and we must answer within 30 minutes for any customers' queries, which makes us a sincere choice for our customers. We are one of the finest Gps trackers manufacturer and supplier providing our services worldwide.
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Nestled in the heart of Shenzhen, China, we proudly stand as a beacon of innovation in the telematics and IOT sector. But, what makes us shine brighter? As a leading GPS Trackers Manufacturer and Supplier, we've got both corporate giants and the individual customer covered. Whether you're looking at government projects, bustling public transport systems, or fleet management, we've carved a niche with our unparalleled IOT digital services.
Skywonder GPS Tracker Manufacturer and Supplier Factory Production
Skywonder GPS Tracker Manufacturing Factory Assembly line

Take a peek inside our factory, and you'd find a bustling community of 1800 dedicated souls. Every person has a distinct role, ensuring that each device we create is crafted with precision. Fun fact? We rolled out over 15 million units just last year, taking our annual production potential to a whopping 20 million units! It's no wonder our global clientele trusts us to meet their demands seamlessly.

But wait, there's more! If you have a unique idea or need a tailored solution, our OEM and ODM services are at your beck and call. Plus, our online platform? It's where over 2 million satisfied customers hang out. All of this, combined with our passionate team and meticulous production methods, firmly places us among the elite GPS tracker manufacturing powerhouses in China. Dive in and experience the SKYWONDER difference!


Quality Assurance Certificate 2020
Skywonder RoHS certificate
Quality Assurance Certificate 2021
Skywonder ISO certificate
Quality Assurance Certificate 2022
Skywonder Certificate of Compliance


We have wide range of high quality gps hardware for all the segments like Fleet Tracking, Asset Tracking, Personal Tracking, Pet Tracking, Plug & Play, etc,. Because of this diverse product portfolio, we are successfully serving our customers across the globe.
J03 Car GPS Tracker front face
C03 Car Charger Tracker Top side
GT06 4G GPS Tracker Front face
W07 4G Portable Tracker in hand
J02 GPS Tracker Front face
personal tracker - SW06
skywonder SW05 asset tracker
C30 4G OBD-2 GPS Tracker front side

Software Features

Are you ready for best gps tracking experience?

GPS tracking system for fleet-owners, tour and travel companies, corporate offices to manage their tracking needs

Real-time Monitor

Monitor and track vehicles in real-time with no monthly fees, and check information via Web/iOS/Android, such as speed, oil consumption, and trajectory.


We can set the fence in a custom zone and automatically send an alarm when the vehicle enters or leaves the marked area

Ensure Safety

Privacy and Security of data is always our top priority. Therefore, our back-end team works constantly to ensure its safety and reliability.

Skywonder GPS Tracking Mobile App
Advance Telematics Platform

Skywonder GPS provides one of the best GPS tracking platform. Our GPS tracking software is aimed to provide all the essential services in a single application.

Advance Technology

Skywonder GPS keeps hands-on advanced technologies that bring luxury to your work. Along with that, we have the practice of adopting the latest technology.

Scalable Platform

Our system’s flexibility allows smooth integration of any kind of improvement or changes in the software without affecting its performance.




I like to use your platform, not only to locate our vehicle but also to check the dynamics of the vehicle at any time to prevent abnormalities and protect my property. In addition, when I encounter problems during use, you are also very patient to help me answer or find a solution to the problem. I hope you are getting better and better.

Mr. John Anderson

Private Car Owner

SKY WONDER GPS is very powerful in locating hardware and software, so I choose to work with you. To date, a high level of service and functionality has been continuously provided. I must say skywonder GPS is a best vehicle GPS tracker supplier & manufacturers in China.

Martina Cliton

Fleet Management

When the platform has any problems, you are also happy to give us feedback. And the software is improved according to the opinions, which makes us more convenient to use.

Selina Roy

Logistics Transportation


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