Magnetic GPS Tracker in Asset Protection

Imagine this: you open your eyes to a numbness and queasy sensation in your insides. Your cherished motorbike, the one you might have painstakingly taken the entire time to tailor to perfection, is long gone from your garage. A nebulous monster suddenly comes into your life. Questions settle, and you don’t know what to ask. Where is it? Who took it? Won’t you ever be reminded of it?

What happens in the face of varying complex circumstances and severe weather is injury and damage, which nobody wants. Hence, keeping our valuable assets, such as vehicles, equipment, and trailers, as well as even the small sets of expensive tools, secure is and has always been a priority. Thankfully, technology has provided a powerful solution: monitoring devices like  magnetic GPS trackers can use magnetism to locate vehicle whereabouts. Their subtle design will stay unnoticed by others while at the same time ensuring your complete safety. The devices can track your location in real time and are packed with features that will make it easier to hold on to your belongings.


However, before starting to architect the magnetic tracking history, we should first give the more general story of GPS asset tracking.

Asset Tracking and Untackling 

The old practices have always depended on manual counting of items and equipment for decades. Paper and pen forms, along with logbooks, ledgers, and physical checks, were the models that were very ineffective and inaccurate, and employees were frightened by the possibility of misplacing or losing assets. This dawned the GPS development revolution zone altogether.


GPS trackers are receptive to satellites, and thus they determine where a device is situated by the type of signals transmitted; hence, they can give an approximate or real-time location depending on the viewer. The data acquired is then transferred wirelessly to a position tracker, which plots the position of the asset on a map at all times. This newfound visibility offers a multitude of benefits, including:


  1. Improved Efficiency: Businesses can optimise the routes used for deliveries; maintenance can be scheduled depending on the data on asset usage; and these assets can be utilized as and when they are received.
  2. Reduced Costs: Although real-time tracking technology to a certain extent helps thwart thefts and unauthorized use, these are the services that will prove to be more costly than a cost-saving element.
  3. Enhanced Security: It is peacefully reassuring and easy to recover in an instant if the assets were stolen, knowing exactly where they are.


The Magnetic Advantage

For sure, magnetic GPS trackers offer you undisputed benefits. Even more, the magnetic trackers are a further step than offered by GPS once you talk about asset safety. Here’s what makes them stand out:


  1. Covert Surveillance: The magnetic process lets you easily attach any metal surface of your asset to make the device look unnoticeable. This task of secrecy tends to disorient any intending thieves, thus preventing crimes before any report of an occurrence occurs.
  2. Easy Installation: Magnetic trackers work great in circumstances where a permanent installation wouldn’t be suitable due to their ease of application and removal.
  3. Versatility: Their tallness and magnetic attachment add versatility to their ability to be used with trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, and even your tools.


Dimming Feature Increased Protection

It is noteworthy that GPS trackers do much more than just collect data on location. Many models offer additional features that bolster your asset protection strategy.Many models offer additional features that bolster your asset protection strategy.


  1. Geofencing: Virtual barriers shall be erected and placed around the designated areas. In this case, your assets are tracked inside the geofence perimeter, and if they leave the premises, you will receive an alert notification, which helps you respond to any suspicious activities immediately.
  2. Real-time Alerts: For example, set up alerts for such occurrences as speeding, engine ignition, or unanticipated vibrations, as these results may indicate that the surveillance has been breached.
  3. Historical Tracking: Understand the past movements of your asset together to find out the patterns and best routes and get lots of good information about their utilization.


Choosing the Right Magnetic GPS Tracker

In the next part, where you already know about the effectiveness of GPS trackers, you will be introduced to the selection of one specifically for your requirements. Consider the following points before buying one: 


  1. Battery Life: Using magnetic trackers, a variation in battery life is obvious. Think about the situations in which you will want the device charged. Extended battery life (weeks or even months) is great for assets that are continuously in motion or far away.
  2. Connectivity: The aim of the location trackers is to use cellular networks in order to transmit location data. Oversee that the tracker operates on a network that is compatible with your area and stipulate the subscription fees where applicable. Some trackers have a feature that connects with several networks to get wider coverage.
  3. Size and Weight: When it comes to magnetic trackers, a notable example is their unique attribute of being intimate. Select a small and light tracker that you will be able to camouflage on your precious.
  4. Features: It is not the case that all electronic trackers function the same. With the features that are of most concern to you, assess it. Do you prefer live tracking, geofencing alerts, historical tracking data, all of them, or perhaps all of them are with you? The latest trackers do not only allow you to monitor where your devices are but also grant you emergency stop (via an app for vehicles) or SOS button capability.
  5. Durability: Magnetic trackers may lack current position because of their exposure to different weather conditions where they are fixed. Considers utilizing a device with a waterproof and robust construction so that its operation will be trustworthy.


Finding the perfect fit

Through an assessment of these elements, you are in a position to make a sound selection of a magnetic  tracker that easily ties up with your protective strategy. Recall that the perfect tracker will provide a combination of features and functionality, among other features, making the product highly global and ensuring your priceless items sense control and peace of mind.


Final Thoughts 

Asset GPS trackers based on magnetic technology are a versatile tool of asset protection with the ability to remain discreet, move freely, and employ a lot of advanced functionality. Being a blog reader, accompanied by the testimonies you went through, you are ready to start the journey of keeping your belongings safe. Think about the many types of trackers so as to pick those that suit you most and buy any that grant you the best peace of mind to keep your assets safe. Take into consideration that a magnetic GPS tracker can be your silent defender, which can help you achieve the goal of getting back your smart belongings.


Skywonder GPS with magnetic tracking devices tracks these devices in real-time and offers highly personalised service to clients who require varied services. The user-friendliness of their platform, coupled with customer support, makes them a very favourable asset tracking alternative.




  1. What role do magnetic GPS trackers play in the protection of asset security?

Magnet trackers have covert surveillance, user-friendly installation, and multiple masking options, making them ideal for asset hiding.


  1. What facilities are the GPS trackers also able to offer when it comes to asset protection?

With facilities like geofencing, real-time alerts, and historical tracking, one can take measures, including immediate responses, and understand the movement patterns of assets.


  1. What elements do I need to consider prior to the selection of a magnetic GPS tracker?

Analyze the battery life, connection, size, capabilities, and endurance to identify whether the tracker would be a good fit for your protection plan.


  1. What’s the difference between magnetic trackers and traditional GPS trackers?

There are magnetic trackers aimed at inconspicuous attachment, easy removal, and improved application, allowing them to be used for a wide range of assets.


  1. Which company should you pick to track your assets with magnetic solutions—Skywonder GPS or not?

Skywonder provides real-time tracking, personalized services, and user-friendly platforms, which ensures that these protections become reliable and effective.

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