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10 Predictions for the GPS Industry in 2023

GPS industry

GPS industry is expected to see strong growth in the next few years. With a growing number of companies using tracking solutions, and more people using electronic devices, it’s clear that demand for GPS trackers will continue to grow. This article looks at some of the major trends that we can expect to see in the GPS industry in coming years. Read on for more insight into what this means for you as an end user, supplier, manufacturer, OEM or installer, and how you can adapt your business accordingly. The following are our 10 predictions for GPS industry in 2023 or in coming years.

Data will be the main driver for GPS industry growth

The popularity of GPS tracking rose sharply in the previous decade when companies started to realize the opportunity that it provided. GPS trackers have also become a lot more reliable and accurate in the past few years. As a result, the demand for GPS trackers has risen. However, the value of data will continue to be the driving factor. People’s data has become more important than ever before. Consumers want to be able to control their data and the use of that data. Tracking the movement of people helps companies create targeted advertising. They can create ads that are better suited to the interests of the person receiving the ad. This increased interest in data makes the high demand for tracking devices and will boost the GPS industry.

Businesses Will Spend More on Tracking

As technology continues to improve, so will the accuracy of GPS trackers. This means that they will be able to track a person’s location even more accurately than they can now. As a result, GPS trackers will become even more common in both public and private spaces. This, in turn, will lead to more demand for these devices. As demand for these devices increases, so will their prices. This will push suppliers to improve their offerings in response to this demand, which will mean that the value of GPS trackers will increase even more. This will encourage businesses to make more use of GPS tracking.

Mapping and Geospatial Technology Will Grow in Popularity

Mapping and geospatial technology will become more prevalent thanks to two factors. The first is the growing importance of mapping data. As more businesses start to make use of GPS trackers, they will need access to high-quality mapping data to generate accurate reports on the movement of their assets. The second factor is the growing popularity of GPS trackers. With more consumers willing to invest in this technology, suppliers will have an increased demand for their products. As demand for GPS trackers grows, so will their popularity. In other words, mapping and geospatial technology will become the key components of GPS tracking.

Financing in GPS industry Will Increase

Growth in the GPS tracker market has been led by financing. There have been several funding rounds for GPS tracking companies in the last few years. The general belief is that most of these companies will only need funding until they reach profitability. This funding will increase the number of GPS tracker companies on the market. The increase in financing will also lead to an increase in mergers and acquisitions. This will lead to a consolidation of the market. Investors are also betting on the growing adoption of IoT. This leads to an increase in the demand for sensors. This will drive the market for GPS trackers.

More Research and Development in GPS industry Will Lead to Growth

In the past few years, the number of new patents filed in the tracking industry has increased. This indicates that more research and development are being done in the industry for tracking solutions. This will lead to an increase in the number of products that are available in the market. There is an increased focus on the needs of customers and the development of solutions that address those needs. This will lead to more demand for GPS tracking software. As the number of GPS trackers in the market increases, the demand for software solutions will also increase. This will lead to a shift from hardware to software-based solutions.

GPS Trackers To Become Even More Personal

With this increased demand, manufacturers are working hard to integrate new features that make their devices more personal and user-friendly. GPS trackers used in public transport and taxi fleets are a good example of this. Businesses have been using trackers for years to monitor their vehicles and ensure their drivers are following the correct route. With new innovations from the Skywonder Tracking Software, They will soon be able to use their trackers to provide information such as ETAs and more. This level of personalization and customization is something we’ve only seen in the consumer GPS tracking sector up until this point.

Automated Driving Will Become The Norm

As the push for fully autonomous vehicles continues to gather pace, we can expect to see an increased demand for vehicle tracking solutions too. Vehicle tracking is often used as a precursor to autonomous driving, and we can expect to see more manufacturers integrate this kind of functionality into their systems. Vehicle tracking solutions like Skywonder GT06 and J02 Devices allow you to track the exact location of your vehicle in real-time. You can also monitor its speed, as well as other vehicle data such as fuel levels. These systems are able to do much more than just track vehicles too. They can also be used to monitor driver behaviour and provide feedback.

Asset Tracking Becomes The Norm

As we become more aware of the need for asset tracking, we can expect to see more businesses turn to the technology. We’ve already seen a huge increase in the demand for asset tracking solutions from large corporations, but it looks like this will be reflected in the small business sector too. Asset tracking systems, such as Skywonder SW05, are used to monitor and track assets such as industrial goods, heavy machinery, and even personnel. With the ability to monitor multiple assets in real-time, businesses can be alerted if any of their assets go out of range, or if something is stolen. Since asset tracking solutions are often implemented alongside other safety features like safety sensors like panic buttons and mic, they are increasingly becoming the norm.

Fraud Detection and Prevention Services Will Be in Demand

As the use of GPS tracking increases, so too will the demand for fraud detection and prevention services. This is because businesses will want to ensure that their suppliers are using high-quality tracking technology. In addition, they will want to ensure that these suppliers are tracking the assets that they own. This will not only lead to a greater demand for fraud detection services, but it will also push suppliers to improve their track record. This will mean that the technology within these services can develop rapidly.

Privacy and Security Services Will Be in Demand

With fraud detection and prevention services becoming more common, it will be important for suppliers to offer privacy and security services. These, however, are not simply about ensuring that a GPS tracker is private. They also need to ensure that the technology being used is high quality. In other words, privacy and security technology should not be susceptible to hacking. This will require suppliers to implement high-quality encryption and monitoring tools to ensure that they are not susceptible to attacks from outsiders.


The demand for GPS trackers will continue to increase in the future. With the demand for more accurate and reliable solutions, the market is expected to grow. The number of new patents filed in the industry indicates that more research and development are being done. This will lead to an increase in the number of products that are available in the market. Eventually, Vendors are rushing to provide all kinds of products for this market, and consumers are rushing to buy them. This rush, however, could result in an exclusive market that is plagued by fraudsters, poor-quality products, and expensive costs. To avoid this, it’s worth taking some time to get to know the GPS tracking market and its vendors. Doing so will help you choose the products and vendors that provide the best value for your business.

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