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Benefits Of GPS Tracking

Benefits Of GPS Tracking

The market for GPS tracking has expanded to a large extent in the last few years, spawning numerous businesses, individuals, and even small-scale solutions. In those days, GPS was synonymous with car navigation only, but now it includes much more. Nowadays, we can use the most advanced and intricate tracking devices for the management of assets, fleet monitoring, personal security, and pet tracking. However, since there are so many different types of trackers accessible on the market, like the 4G GPS Tracker GT06, 2G GPS tracker J02, and many more, having to choose from among them can be a little overwhelming sometimes. This major guide from Skywonder GPS will bring to light the pros of GPS location and then the different tracking devices that will help you choose the most suitable solution for you. 

 Beyond the Navigation App: A Growth Rate of GPS Tracking Technologies.

GPS (Global Positioning System) for many of us brings the map-stalking apps on our mobile phones to mind. On the other hand, traceability of the movement is the side of GPS tracking technology that is far more than just directions. The personal mini trackers could be provided with GPS and cellular data transmission support, so you could get live data on their whereabouts. It doesn’t matter if you want to control the movement of vehicles, assets, or just check the location of your loved ones.

  1. Enhanced Security: Object high-value assets like vehicles, equipment, or parcels, discouraging stealing and making recovery efforts effective. 
  2. Improved Efficiency: Track fleet operations while they are in operation, optimise routes, and eliminate resource waste. 
  3. Increased Peace of Mind: With the ability to find friends or family members from whom you’re separated in real-time, you can now gain both peace of mind and a rapid response in case of emergencies.

Demystifying the Options: A Brief on Some Types of GPS Trackers 

 Regarding GPS trackers, the variety is extremely rich; thus, choosing between them is difficult. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular options: 

a. 4G GPS Tracker (GT06):   The GT06 features a diversified field of techniques for safeguarding and checking a vehicle. To complete the tracking, you need to upload data on actual location intervals. Log ignition status changes inside the car. An alarm or warning is sent out if the voltage is below 5 volts. An alarm for exceeding speed warns of the current speed. Prompt fuel monitoring and similar situations help with remote fuel control. Logs the black spot data if it gets a signal in the coverage area. If one gets into trouble, SOS mode will be automatically activated, and emergency contacts will be notified.  

b.  2G GPS Tracker (J02): The Skywonder J02 GPS tracker is a multi-function 9-90V DC suitable for motorbikes, cars, bicycles, and cars. It can be used in a wide range of vehicles, including motorcycles, automobiles, bicycles, and cars. This, with a GPS resolution of 5–10 m, positions inhabitants in fairly accurate locations. TraqCare app end users are capable of monitoring real-time location, playback of the past, and alerting on the driven speed. Furthermore, it gives in-depth data about driving behaviour, which is a good basis for analyses aimed at increasing safety and optimising the effectiveness of transport services. With a waterproof rating of IP65 and a 150mAh battery, the device is dedicated to a high-performance purpose and suitable in different environments.  

c. OBD GPS Trackers (C30): The Skywonder C30 GPS device, in its tiny size and various uses on motorcycles, cars, bicycles, and other vehicles, comes with features such as real-time tracking and high-precision locations to promote safety and security. With a capacity battery of 250 mAh and a working voltage in the range of 9–90 VDC, it guarantees its operation. By using GPS, BDS, AGPS, WIFI, and LBS positioning techniques, it offers location tracking in a near-perfect mode. Its features include the monitoring of the voice for real-time audio surveillance, a simple installation, and an ACC detector. It helps vehicle ignition status to be monitored, thereby giving the user a sense of security and assurance. 

The Selection of the Correct GPS Tracker for Your Purposes

Each person has a different requirement, and the matter that is most paramount for you may not be as serious for someone else. Here are some key factors to consider: 

a. Tracking Purpose:  Vehicle tracking and surveillance? Or maybe you need to monitor people, animals, or assets. Whether you agree with the purpose or not, they will be the ones that decide which features you own.

b. Real-time Tracking vs. Historical Data:  Is a real-time “check-in required, or can you be content with periodic GPS profiles that indicate your general whereabouts?

d. Connectivity:  Find out whether using cellular-based trackers to have wider coverage or just a GPS-only tracker to record the basic locations is more beneficial.


SkywonderGPS brings a complete solution toolkit for businesses, single users, and anybody who would like to enhance their security. Through gaining knowledge of advantages and taking a look at the different collections available, you get a chance to open a whole new world for yourself. Regardless of what your requirements are—be it to secure a premise, get things done the best way, or even locate a family member—there’s a GPS tracking solution that responds perfectly to your needs. 


1. What is GPS tracking used for?

GPS features today are useful for asset management, fleet monitoring, personal security, and pet tracking, which make various operations possible.

2. What are the advantages of GPS tracking?

Using GPS tracking can provide a solution to theft prevention, contribute to route optimisation, and give you the right to monitor your location in real time.

3. What are the popular GPS tracker options?

Along with the 4G GPS Tracker GT06 for vehicle security and the 2G GPS Tracker J02 for multi-function tracker, the OBD GPS Tracker like the C30 is also available; it is small, compatible, and fits into the standard of those who are always on the move.

4. What considerations should I make in selecting the best GPS tracking device?

Take into account tracking, meaning you will be using it for a vehicle, an asset, or your personal use, whether in real time or only for historical data, and if you need cellular connection or GPS-only connectivity.

5. What kind of trackers does Skywonder GPS provide?

Skywonder GPS is a company that offers comprehensive tracking services for a number of clients, business enterprises included, to help them achieve security, improve operations, and meet their tracking expectations. 

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