W07 4G Portable Smallest GPS Tracker

The W07 Portable Magnetic Tracker by Skywonder offers cutting-edge 4G connectivity and a robust design for reliable asset and personal tracking. With a strong magnetic mount, multiple battery size options, and a long standby duration, it ensures seamless integration with major tracking platforms like Wialon, TraqCare and GPS-Wox. Designed for durability and equipped with an SOS button for emergencies, the W07 is ideal for a variety of tracking needs across global markets.



We are proud to introduce the W07 Portable Magnetic Tracker. Tailored to meet the demands of dynamic environments across Kenya, Brazil, the Middle East, America, Australia, Mexico, Vietnam, and beyond, the W07 is your ultimate partner in asset and personal tracking.

Discover the W07 Portable Magnetic Tracker:

  • Robust Design: Engineered to endure tough conditions with a strong, durable body.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Always stay connected with 4G network support, ensuring real-time tracking and updates.
  • Powerful Magnet: Offers easy and secure attachment to any asset, providing peace of mind.
  • Versatile Battery Options: Choose from multiple battery sizes, allowing for extended usage and adaptable power management.
  • Extended Standby: Benefit from a long standby duration, reducing the need for frequent charges and ensuring continuous operation.
  • SOS Button: An added layer of safety, giving users a quick way to send alerts in emergency situations.
  • Universal Software Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with major international tracking platforms such as Wialon, GPS-Wox, GPS-Server, TraqCare, and RedGPS.

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Here's what makes it an unparalleled beacon of trust in the realm of real-time asset monitoring: 4G Connectivity with 2G Backup: Keeping pace with the latest in communication technology, our portable GPS tracker comes equipped with 4G capabilities. And to ensure consistent tracking even in areas where 4G might be spotty, we've got 2G as a reliable backup. Diverse Battery Options: Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, the W07 comes with multiple battery sizes to cater to varying needs. Choose from 1200mAh for light usage to a powerful 6000mAh for extended monitoring. Magnetic Magic: The allure of our Magnetic GPS tracker lies in its strong magnet, ensuring it stays put whether you're traversing rugged terrains in Tanzania or the bustling streets of Brazil. Microphone Integration: With an in-built microphone, listen in when necessary, providing an added layer of safety and surveillance. SOS Button: Emergencies are unpredictable. With our SOS button, help is just a click away, making it a true asset for those on-the-move or in remote areas. Universal Compatibility: Whether you're accustomed to platforms like Wialon, Navixy, Traqcare, RedGPS, or Geotab, our 4G portable gps tracker seamlessly integrates, making the transition smooth and hassle-free. Geo-fence alarm: Set fence alarms with SMS commands to provide a safety net for your vehicle or other assets. Overspeed alarm: When the speed of the vehicle exceeds the Overspeed speed value set by the platform, the Overspeed alarm is triggered, and the device will send an alarm signal to the GPS monitoring platform. Vibration alarm: After the device enters the armed mode, the device detects the vehicle vibration, triggers the vibration alarm, and sends an alarm signal to the GPS monitoring platform.


Q: How does the 4G feature in the W07 improve tracking? A: The 4G capability ensures faster and more accurate real-time tracking, especially beneficial in urban areas where precision is vital. Q: I often travel through areas with weak 4G signals. Will the tracker still work? A: Absolutely! The W07 is equipped with a 2G backup to ensure uninterrupted service even in areas with weak or no 4G signals. Q: What's the advantage of having multiple battery size options in the W07 portable GPS tracker? A: Different users have varied needs. By offering multiple battery sizes, we ensure you can select one that best matches your usage patterns and requirements. Q: Can I integrate the W07 into any GPS tracking platform? A: The W07 is designed for universal compatibility. It works seamlessly with all popular platforms like Wialon, GPS-server, Navixy, and Geotab.