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J02 Vehicle GPS Tracker No Subscription

The J02 is a 2G GPS tracker designed for the vehicle management of all kinds.

– Fast, Precise, Intelligent Positioning
– Latest Nano Chip For Faster Performance
– Wide voltage design 9-90V
– Have Internal Battery for emergency
– Support for Remote Cutoff
– OTA upgrade

The features of this device will prove valuable in managing Vehicle Tracking of all sorts. Communication with 2G fast network ensures a solid connection in almost all cases, and the advanced GPS antenna provides strong signal acquisition and more accurate positioning capability.


Introducing the J02 Vehicle GPS Tracker No Subscription, a state-of-the-art 2G GPS Tracker, designed to revolutionize vehicle management across the board.

Equipped with the latest in Nano Chip technology, the J02 delivers unmatched speed and precision in positioning, ensuring that you stay on top of your vehicle’s location at all times. Its wide voltage design, ranging from 9 to 90 volts, makes it versatile for all types of vehicles, from bikes to trucks.

What sets the J02 apart is its intelligent emergency features. With an internal battery, your tracking capabilities remain robust, even in the most unforeseen circumstances. Experience the convenience of Remote Cutoff and OTA upgrades, ensuring that your tracker stays updated with the latest features, effortlessly. But that’s not all. The J02 guarantees a solid connection in almost all environments, thanks to its 2G fast communication capabilities. Coupled with an advanced GPS antenna, the tracker provides stronger signal acquisition and more accurate positioning, keeping you informed and in control.

Whether you’re in Africa or across the globe, whether it’s for your bike or a fleet of vehicles, the J02 is your best choice for quality GPS tracking.

The J02 2G GPS Tracker. Fast. Precise. Intelligent. Your all-in-one solution for superior vehicle management.

Geo-fence alarm: Set fence alarms with SMS commands to provide a safety net for your vehicle or other assets.

Remote oil cut: The system sends a power-off command, and the relay disconnects the power of the ignition device to achieve a vehicle stall.

ACC detection: The vehicle is connected to the ACC line and users can view the vehicle status on the system. ACC on, on behalf of vehicle ignition, ACC off, on behalf of the vehicle stall.

Overspeed alarm: When the speed of the vehicle exceeds the Overspeed speed value set by the platform, the Overspeed alarm is triggered, and the device will send an alarm signal to the GPS monitoring platform.

Power Off alarm: If the GPS Tracker encounters forced damage, such as cutting a cable, the locator will push an alarm message for the power failure alarm to the system.

Weight0.0237 kg
Dimensions7.85 × 2.3 × 1.2 cm
Working times0.5 hours
Chip specificationMT2503D
Positioning accuracy<10 meters
Support input voltage range9-36VDC/25mA (12VDC)
TTFF(Open Sky) start ≤5s ;Avg.warm Start≤30s ;Avg.cold start ≤40s
Working temperature-25℃ ~ +75℃
Data storage quantity300
CertificateCE FCC RoHS